Have you even been in situation when you have blog, blog1, blog_api, blog_fe projects stored on your computer ? And each of them has different template, built using different language/framework ? Most of them like 40-50% done, but not ready for deployment ? If you've been there - then we have something in common. Lets meet - my name is Alex and I'm engineer who never had a blog, but always wanted to!

Now, when I pulled your attention, let me introduce myself. I'm engineer with over 10 years production experience in building different products, starting from small e-commerce and up to enterprise grade CRMs. I do not call myself engineer because I tend to use "most appropriate" technology that solves client's current problem in most efficient way. I know, that sounds like in those $5 online courses, but reality is - if you want to get paid more - be ready to adapt to client's needs, his team, his requests and even how exactly he approaches to his business.

For past 6 years I've been working as freelancer or leading small teams in cases where there are more work that I have time to work on it. During this time I did a lot of mistakes, learned tons of knowledge that you won't find anywhere online nor any courses will teach you.

The intention of this blog - to share my experience, not just coding, but also how do I approach to work, how do I do preproduction work and why it's necessary to do it, especially if you work alone or in small team. How to properly communicate with your client and get more work in future and many other things we all encounter in our everyday work

First blog post cannot go without list of daily technologies I use, so I'll share just so you could know, there will be some interesting stuff.

  • Go
  • Elixir
  • Ruby(rails)
  • Ember, Vue, Angular, React
  • Flutter
  • A bit of embedded development with STM32, NXP, NRF

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